March 6, 2009

[Review] Mads Langer - Mads Langer

Name: Mads Langer (DL)
Performer: Mads Langer


In 2006 Mads Langer released his debut "Attention Please". Since then Langer has been touring in Denmark, UK, USA and Germany and worked as music director and actor on the rock odyssé "Hedwig And The Angry Inch". Now there is finally new material on its way. In February 2008 Mads Langer released an acoustic EP “Fact-Fiction - Pop Or?", which contained the song ”Fact-Fiction” which is now out as a single in a new electric version as a teaser for the coming album that will be released on February 9th in Denmark. The album is coming out digitally on TDC Play on February 2nd with two tracks that will only be found on the digital album. And on February 9th you can also buy a deluxe version with a live-dvd from his completely sold out show at Copenhagen Jazzhouse on December 17th 2008. Mads Langer will be opening for Tim Christensen in Denmark in spring 2009 before he is capturing the road himself on his own headliner tour in the fall.

In 2007 Mads went back to Denmark after staying in New York to work as actor and musical director on the award winning broadway success “Hedwig and the angry Inch” with famous Anders W. Berthelsen as Hedwig.

In February 2008 Mads Langer released a 6 track acoustic EP - ''Fact-Fiction - Pop or...?''


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