March 6, 2009

[Single] So Close, So Far - Hoobastank


Name: So Close, So Far
Performer: Hoobastank
Album: For(N)ever


"So Close, So Far" is the second single by the Post-grunge band Hoobastank off their forth studio album For(n)ever that released on January 27, 2009. The single can be heard on Sirius XM Radio station The Pulse (Sirius XM) as of mid-January. In Interviews, Doug Robb stated that he "Wrote the song about the many men and women across the World fighting to keep peace and fighting for America. It's how I would feel if I was away from them fighting a war."

Critical Reception

The song received a positive review from Chuck Taylor of the Billboard Magazine:
So Close, So Far" sounds like a better bet to return Hooba to the upper reaches of the charts: It's still credibly post-grunge, but a better display case for lead Doug Robb's fervid vocals, alongside plenty of howling guitars and pealing percussion. The track could take command of not only rock; it's catchy enough to seduce adult top 40, returning the California band to glory.

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