February 11, 2009

[Ad Campaign] Lacoste Spring-Summer 2009

Name: Lacoste Spring-Summer 2009
Models: Tanya Dziahileva., Sean Opry, Alyona, Hyoni Kang, René Rodríguez, Kate Somers, Andrei Mahu, Andrew Smith, Chris Galya, Doug Bell, Gordon Bothe, René Rodriguez, Toms Birkavs
Photographer: Terry Richardson


After jump and jump, Lacoste is still loyal with their jump. And how can they deliver it with different meaning all the time, that depends on the colors. This season, Lacoste give us three options, with totally dissimilar uses. Red/Orange can heat up your late Winter, Lilac/Thistle will be a part of passing from Spring to Summer, the last but not least, Green/Lime is the best for Summer to live thing up.

It is so fun, colorful and energetic, the models looks so happy in this newest campaign definitely something we need to boost our mentality with our recession now. The fan prop is the evolution and the clothes are fun, it makes these images looked alive, free, spring, full of energy and fun again! Looking at them will make you want to jump yourself!


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Victoria said...

love rene rodriguez!

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