February 14, 2009

[Video] Love Game - Lady Gaga

: LoveGame
Performer: Lady Gaga
Album: The Fame


Yes, thank you Gaga. We all have fun because the beat is sick. After take us to Italian from her previous video "Eh,Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)", now she's got us in the subway. The video reminds us a lil bit from Toxic blended with Maneater and Wait A Minute, but the song, no, it's not like anything at all, it is purely original.

The video surprises us with a lesbian kiss, yes she kissed a girl, and she likes it. But it's not the only interesting point in this flawless video, she looks versatile for everything she's done. She danced, she moved, she flirted around, that's so GAGA!


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