February 8, 2009

[Ad Campaign] Sisley Sring-Summer 09

Name: Sisley S/S 09
Models: Asa Engstrom, Helena Schroder, Hanna Hojman & Victor Norlander
Photography: by Camilla Akrans


Taking place as desert is something really challenging, if the photographer don't know how to control the nature, it will play him back. With the combination from frame and sands, the idea comes up with showing us the contrast of what inside and outside the frame. The important part - the inside stands for confidence, domination even they have to face with how massive the outside being.

The colors of the clothes harmonize with the background in perfect way somehow, but it still can manage to be notable. The wind is taken full advantages for some main component which is silk. As for the blue sky and the clouds, it also add to the ad more artistic looks.

By using smartly every small details, Camilla Akrans with the models made a remarkable ad for this season. Congratulations!


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