February 7, 2009

[Review] Scream - Chris Cornell

Scream - Chris Cornell

After his previous album "Carry On" (2007), Chris backs with a contact with Timbaland by the suggestion of former producer Rick Rubin just for some remixes. However, the collaboration evolved into the duo writing and recording an entire album in just six weeks with "much more R&B-oriented direction, with busy drum machine beats, buffed-up chorus vocals and string samples filling the nooks and crannies"- Billboard.

Doing this album is like playing a poker game for Chris. One for all, he will get his mark or lose everything, the future will decide with his abandonment his own "alternative-rock" fans. The album again brings some talented beats from Timbaland, but (there are always "but"), his talent must be put on the right situation for the full effects. "His talent" in this album blows away Chris's talent - his rock-god voice. After 5 (yes, FIVE) buzz/promo singles, what he got is one star, from his true fans, five stars, from his "wider audiences" - his plan.

In my opinions, who just listen to him the first time (Scream, definitely), this album is really attractive with One Republic style. My favourite songs are: Climbing Up The Walls, Sweet Revenge and the upcoming single - Part Of Me. They appear with flawless chorus accompanied with his unique voice, and the produce part will be scandalous part from all over.


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