February 12, 2009

[Video] Takin' Back My Love - Enrique Iglesias & Ciara

Name: Takin' Back My Love
Performers: Enrique Iglesias & Ciara
Album: Greatest Hits


Everyone, what was your first thing come up when you were seeing this? With me, Mr&Mrs Smith Part2. As a uptempo with crazy beat, flawless vocal, I expected something more danceable scenes, club and dance routine from both of them, not only from Ciara. Beside that, the color of this video seems not to suit with itself too, just too dark, too sorrow.

Atfer some incredible clips like Run The Show and Us Against The World, I would love to experiment the evolution from the director - Ray Kay. But no, still no clearly storyline, just actions to catch up with the lyric. The actions I mentioned is varied destroying things, this must have a huge budget - I thought.

Somehow, there are still some great scenes, especially the last. They flirted, nearly kissed, hugged, hold, just sweet, because they really look good together.


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