February 15, 2009

[Review] Confessions of A Shopaholic Soundtrack


Pop coming back is so clear with more and more signs, and now, a full of pop hits album, that is what I am talking right now, brilliant! The soundtrack features some new chick in the industry, includes Jordyn Taylor who still is unsigned with any labels, Jessica James who will debut with her 1st single in March09, Adrienne Bailon, one of The Cheetah Girls, wants to step out of the shadow. All of them delivers, delivers in their most energetic of young. Beside that, the soundtrack also contains some of the biggest stars: The Pussycat Dolls, Natasha Bedingfield, Lady Gaga, Rihanna; and some well-known: Kat Deluna, Shontelle, Trey Songz.

This masterpiece full of pop-dance-funky music which takes fashion as the main theme (Accesory, Fashion, Blue Jeans, Big Spender) and plus two incredible ballad-midtempo tracks: Again, Takes Time To Love. As we expected, this will be huge and can be comparable with Step Up soundtracks, HSM soundtracks.


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